Bud and Craig Mikhitarian
“the Brothers”

People often ask them, what do each of you do?
The short answer is, they both do it all -- write, produce, direct, shoot, edit.

When you work with the brothers, you’re getting TWO [clap, clap], TWO MIKS IN ONE!

“We grew up together,” says Bud the elder, “making movies and learning everything we needed to know about filmmaking -- together.”

Craig, the younger, but smarter brother adds, “Well, that’s not totally true. We haven’t entirely grown up yet.”

In practice, while they both have a complete understanding of the process, they’re each partial to certain tasks. Bud loves to write and direct. Craig is a great shooter and editor. And, as experienced producers, they both have a good perspective on how each of those functions impacts a production – aesthetically, practically and financially.

For their clients, that means they are responsible, responsive artists who deliver beautiful work – on message, on time, and on budget.